About Us

 Hi All!

I'm Randy from Black label Co. Its really a one man show here in a makers studio with cool equipment to play with. My wife, kids, and brother help out when needed.

We are a local-based internet sales company in Southern California specializing in E.D.C. (Everyday Carry) made from Exotic Materials such as Carbon Fiber, Titanium, and Exotic Woods.

Carbon Fiber our passion, in my shop we've made portable carbon fiber stands for BMW of North America, carbon fiber flying wing for California Speedway (flugtag contest), large Carbon fiber surfboards, and everything in between. 

I've been working in the Aerospace field for several years working on research and development for several programs.

I also enjoy giving infusion (VARTM) demonstrations for students at Cerritos College Composite Training Center as well. Its important giving back to the younger generation.


 If any questions just send us an Email at info@blacklabelco.net